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How to prepare for the installation of split air conditioners?

Feb 5


After buying your air conditioning unit, the next step to plan for is the split air conditioner installation procedure.


Installation of split system air conditioners in Mesa Arizona is done by experts. However, there are few things you can do to make the most of your unit and ensure that the installation is smooth.


There are many factors to consider when installing split air conditioners

As a home or business owner, you play an important part in preparing your home or business for split air conditioner installation by crossing these items off your list.


The Location of Indoor and Outdoor Units

Prior to when the Arizona split air conditioner installer comes to your residence, it's essential to establish the exact location of your indoor and outdoor units should be placed. The indoor unit needs to be placed in a spot where air can be evenly distributed and free of distractions. The unit should be mounted on the wall 8-10 feet from the floor however, it should be close enough to allow for simple maintenance and cleaning. If the split air conditioner is installed in a bedroom, Everest Air LLC advises to place it on top of the bed to enjoy the unit's maximum cooling effect. In order to make the room appear more unified, the split air conditioner is best placed over the window.


For the outdoor unit it is best to install the split air conditioner set up in an open area like the terrace, where air circulation is able to flow freely between the compressor and condenser. If this isn't an option you can choose an exterior wall that is sturdy enough to hold the outdoor unit with a firm grip and allow for adequate airflow.


The Wall's Strength

One of the most important aspects to consider prior to split air conditioner installation is the quality of the wall upon which it will be erected. The Mesa house you live in is more than any Mesa HVAC contractor so make sure that you pick a sturdy wall that can help support the indoor unit. To avoid accidents be sure to not install split air conditioners on uneven or sloping walls. You'll be more secure and will save money if you perform the task correctly.


The Space Between the Wall and the Air Conditioner

In the course of installing split air conditioners Be aware of the space between the air conditioner and the wall. To ensure proper airflow, a minimum of 15 centimeters should be left between the top and sides of the unit. If you are installing outdoor split air conditioners, the same principle should apply.


The Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor Units

Split air conditioners are designed to maximise cooling power. It is important to ensure that the distance between indoor and outdoor units is correct. In order to allow coolant to flow more efficiently, keep the distance between the two units as close as is possible. The indoor and outdoor units should not be more than 15 meters or cooling will be greatly affected.


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