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Feb 10


A duct cleaning Columbus service is essential for any enclosed environment such as a shopping mall or office building. For places like hotels where people aren't just passing by but spend quite a bit of time inside, it's even more essential.

First, Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is a shorthand for a big subject. It basically describes the quality of indoor air and how fresh and clean it is. Indoor air quality may be low if the environment is not clean or contains contamination factors (more details will follow). Indoor air quality is something that most people can feel.

Many factors can impact indoor air quality. First, where does the air come from? And how clean is it? The vast majority of air coming into offices and hotels is supplied by huge HVAC systems. You must be impressed that these systems are equipped with filters. Well, yes. It's true. The HVAC system must be maintained in a proper manner to prevent the HVAC system from polluting the commercial HVAC system.

Other factors that can affect the HVAC systems' condition include smoking (if permitted inside), pets (less common in most cases), dirty carpets and rugs, which have not been vacuumed in a while (they're vacuumed daily but that's not enough long-term), and any renovation or remodeling which pollutes the air in any building.


Respect your guests and give them a clean environment to sleep in.

In an age when every customer can post a review online, a clean hotel will naturally attract more people. Clients have the power to make sure that the hotel is maintained properly. A hotel guest will appreciate a clean room more than a dirty one. It doesn't matter how many amenities and luxuries you offer, if your guests aren't satisfied with the room they have, it won't be worth much.


Respect employees' health, provide a safe environment for them to work in!

Commercial buildings need to clean their air ducts just as residential areas. Fresh air is vital for everyone. As an employer, it is also important to consider employee health. Commercial air duct cleaning is a must. Indoor air quality can impact the productivity of your employees and their health. Workers will not give their best if they live in a contaminated environment. For a productive environment at work, make sure your hotel ducts are clean.


Columbus Airduct Cleaning for Hotel Air Duct Cleaning

Ductless Duct provides high-quality commercial duct cleaning services. Our team of professional cleaners can help you get rid of mold spores and microbes from your air ducts. We guarantee spotless cleaning that does not cause any harm to your system. The team cleans the whole area to your satisfaction, and only charges minimal fees. Because safety is our first priority, our professionals use the most advanced commercial cleaning technology. We provide professional solutions and diligently address all your commercial air duct cleaning needs. Contact our helpline to make an appointment and protect your staff and guests from all types of health hazards.

Clean Your Hotel from Top to Bottom

Columbus Airduct Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services, with a focus on hotels and offices. We'll begin with the top and clean all air ducts and HVAC systems throughout your hotel.

We recommend that you have your mattress and upholstery cleaned. Your hotel may have dedicated staff who clean it on a daily basis. However, hot water extraction commercial-grade machines are necessary for deeper cleaning. You can get rid of stains, human remains, or other substances that might have stuck to your mattress and upholstery with a deeper cleaning.

Last but not least, make sure to clean your hotel's carpets. Carpets that have been walked on a lot often tend to lose their freshness and look tired. They also tend to accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens. They will look cleaner and healthier for your customers. If we think in management terms professional carpet cleaner will save carpet and save money as you won't need it to be replaced so quickly.



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