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Weird A/C Noises and What They Mean

Jun 30

The air conditioning unit normally makes a low, steady blowing noise. If you hear your AC making sounds other than that, listen closely. Weird A/C noises often indicate a more serious issue. Here are some of the odd A/C sounds and what they mean:

1. Hissing 

If you hear a hissing sound coming from your air conditioning unit, it's likely not a snake. An air conditioning unit usually makes a hissing noise when there's a refrigerant leak, a compressor valve leak, or a compressor issue. No matter the problem, it's best to call your local A/C repair technician in Oklahoma City, OK.

2. Banging

Your air conditioning unit will make banging noises if there are particles, like sticks or leaves stuck in the condenser or loose screws. If your cooling equipment is making this sound when starting, the compressor may have a problem. A compressor is costly to replace, so you may need a replacement. But don't panic yet. If the banging noise is caused by problems other than a faulty compressor, an A/C repair in Oklahoma City, OK will suffice.

3. Humming

A humming noise is often normal. But if the sound gets louder, it's best to call in a professional to take a look at your air conditioning unit. Your A/C may hum if its motor needs to be lubricated or there's a contactor issue. Another possible cause of humming is bent fin coils. This one is easy to fix. You only need a metal comb to straighten the fins.

4. Squealing or Screeching

If you hear squealing noises coming from your AC unit, it's likely an indication of a worn-out belt. The good news is that replacing a belt is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. The bad news is that if you don't replace the belt, it will eventually break, which can do significant damage. On the other hand, screeching is a sign of faulty fan motor bearings. ​This usually requires an AC repair technician in Oklahoma City, OK.

5. Clanking or Clanging

If you hear your air conditioner making a clanking noise, it's probably due to loose screws or metal parts hitting each other. This problem is easy enough to fix on your own. Just tighten any loose screws you see. Call an A/C repair technician in Oklahoma City, OK if the clanking noise persists.

6. Growling or Rumbling

A growling or rumbling noise coming from your air conditioner is usually caused by a restricted return air filter or dirty evaporator coils. Simply clean or replace the filter and coils as needed to fix this problem. You may be able to do this on your own, but if the problem persists, it's best to call an HVAC contractor in Oklahoma City, OK.

If you hear any of these strange noises coming from your air conditioner, don't ignore them. These sounds can indicate a more serious issue that will only worsen over time. Contact an HVAC contractor in Oklahoma City, OK for AC repair.

Why Hire a Professional A/C Repair Technician in Oklahoma City, OK?

Different A/C noises indicate various problems. It's often difficult to diagnose the issue accurately without knowledge and experience. This is why it's always best to hire a professional A/C repair technician in Oklahoma City, OK. They have the tools and expertise necessary to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. Not to mention, they can fix the issue promptly and efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying cool, comfortable air in your home.

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