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Why Neglecting Your AC Is a Recipe for Disaster

Jul 31

AC repair Leander, TXIf you think a small problem with your air conditioner is nothing to worry about, think again! Ignoring even a small repair can lead to much bigger problems, some of which could be downright dangerous.

Here’s why neglecting AC repair Leander, TX is a recipe for disaster:

Air conditioner repairs are not usually cheap.

The average repair bill for an air conditioner is around $300, but it can be as high as $1,000 or more. Well, not exactly pocket change! And, if you have an older unit, it may not be worth repairing at all. A new central AC system can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

So, the moment you notice something is wrong with your unit, you should call in a professional for repairs. Do not neglect the problem, or you will pay a lot more in the long run. This is not something you look forward to, right?

A broken AC can cause your electric bill to skyrocket.

A faulty air conditioner can cause your electric bill to skyrocket because it will need to work harder to cool your home, which uses more energy and results in higher energy costs by as much as 30 percent. In some cases, you may also need to run the fan in addition to the AC, which will use even more electricity.

A broken AC can cause water damage.

Water damage is something you definitely want to avoid. When your unit is not working, water can build up and leak, which can cause injuries and health hazards.

For instance, you may slip and fall on the wet floor, or the water may cause electrical problems that can lead to fires. In extreme cases, the unit may even explode! It is important to call a technician for AC repair Leander, TX if you notice any water around your unit.

A broken AC can make your home uncomfortable. 

Of course, the main purpose of an air conditioner is to keep your home cool and comfortable, especially during the hot summer months. If your system is not working properly, it will not be able to do its job, leaving you and your family feeling hot and sticky.

Worse, your indoor air quality is at stake, and you know what that means. If you have asthma or allergies, not having a working AC can worsen your condition and trigger an attack.

A broken AC can be dangerous. 

Other than causing a fire, a faulty air conditioner can also release carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that is odorless and colorless. In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, so you do not want to take any chances.

When to Call In Professional Help for Your AC Repair

Now that you know the dangers of neglecting AC repairs, it is time to take action. Detecting a problem early is key to preventing further damage and saving money in the long run.

Here are some common signs that indicate immediate AC repair Leander, TX:

  • The unit is making strange noises, such as hissing, grinding, or clicking
  • The AC is not blowing cold air or is blowing warm air
  • The temperature in your home is not consistent
  • The unit is leaking water
  • You see water around the unit

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